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High-quality specialty techniques will make your next project really stand out to your customers. We will suggest and execute on the right technique that will make your print project unforgettable! Working within your budget, Henle will guide you with the best choices from protective coatings to die cuts to embossing.

  • Coatings

    Soft Touch or Spot Finishes are available to add to or soften your look. It can be used to highlight something, make it feel like it is jumping off the page, or used to add texture to your piece. We can help you decide the best option for your objectives.
  • Die cutting

    Add excitement to your printed piece by adding a special shape or unique design. For your printed materials, consider a special look with circles, rounded corners, or other attention-getting shapes that are connected to your brand identity or will enhance the reading experience.
  • Letterpress/Embossing

    Impressed into paper logos and lettering are a unique way to draw attention to your printed piece and give it a high-end look and feel. We custom letterpress invitations, business cards and stationery with great precision. Our attention to detail is evident in every letterpress project we complete.
  • Foil Stamping

    Foil stamping is a popular, easy and cost-effective way to create a custom look with many color options. It can give that extra something special to your overall design.


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