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henle-img-finishingno detail left out.

When you've made the choice to commercially print your project, you did so because you want it to look its best. Our list of binding expertise includes simple stapling to hardcover binding. Rest assured, we will deliver materials that you'll be proud of.


Once we have determined the number of pages, the thickness of the paper on which your piece is printed on or the message you wish to communicate, a custom bindery job will add the unique flair to your final product. Some of the bindery techniques we offer are:

  • Spiral Bindery - coiled spines available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Perfect Bound - traditional binding technique adds a high-end touch to your piece
  • GBC Bindery - quick and easy, perfect for multiple copies of multi-page reports
  • Saddle Stitching - easy yet effective option, stapling at the document’s centerfold

equipment list
  • 8 station booklet maker - with stitcher and trimmer
  • 26" laminator - up to 11 x 17 pouch laminator
  • Single and double headed electronic stitchers
  • Electronic three-hole punch
  • Wire and plastic spiral binding machine
  • 3 station inserter - for stuffing up to 3 pieces into #10 envelope
  • 30" Mandelli computerized cutter
  • Shrink wrap machine
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